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DuctTape, Leviathans, Frames, Bliss

A place to breathe, unwind, think (or not to), rest, read lines or simply look at pictures like Little boys, listen to sounds.
Things we like, beauties we love, people and attitudes we Like, living Organisms we admire (and must respect), places we Long to and we Dream about.

In no particular order, many others to come:

- Silence is golden, but DuctTape is Silver

- The World moves for Love, it kneels before it in Awe

- I denied any access to the insane clamor of the World

- Beware of the Boss, He’s insane

- Little Nemo in Slumberland

- My car is better than yours


“Glencoe, Italy”

September_2018_III The Trail-run competition was one of our firsts, long enough and with a fair (and acceptable) climb, at least for us, Born at sea and obviously less accustomed to Mountains, but the place was beyond any expectation. God designed that scenery with Beauty in mind. Descending from the top all was light and Majestic

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“Que Viva America (cars…)”

May_2018_II Our buddy lives right out  of Town, spending most of his Time (days and nights sometimes) in his Packed and pretty big Workshop. He’s a Welder, we should say one of the best ever met; able to create Structures from scratches, complex Roof-pack for Off-Road expeditions that can Load almost everything, or Bull-bars that

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“Are you looking at me?…”

We left Milano with Roberto’s long bed old Military PickUp truck, packed with brand new Triumph Bonneville customized on purpose into scrambler machines.
In that long gone era, every year, the non-competitive Enduro race “Cavalcata del Monferrato” used to take place onto the hills around Casale, a little town in the Piedmont countryside, NorthWest of Italy.

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