…on daily basis, or in case of much longer (and much colder) Trips, our WaterProof breathable Three-layers Cordura® Touring jackets, long or short, jersey lined Commuter 5pockets trousers would be a very good Help.

Garments are simple, Tough, but light, Warm (tested under a perfect and chilly December rain, on Highway, btw on Ktm 990R; in visit to a glorious Mother) and sober, with no Unnecessary “for-the-market” frills: our SolarLife™ceramic membrane works perfectly when on exhausting Journey, WaterProof PU zippers are sealed against any water infiltration and our metal press-buttons are Sturdy, coming straight from military specifications, Stitches are made of stronger thread, and, last, but not least, the liner itself has got an extra membrane.

All Products are Made in Italy

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