It’s almost like deciding to have a sort of everyday uniform: logical, practical, comfortable and, most of all, essential. Our garments are designed for OutDoor activities, or just a sporty business life, with traditional and simple cuts and Fits, produced with superior Quality and, just a little, modern appeal.
No trends involved neither surplus and overrated design; we wanted to stay minimal and understated. Fabrics are selected among the best, mainly made in England and Italy, and the most reliable in order to endure time, facing, in some cases, fierce washing machines and brutal ironings (few people are still not so accustomed to household appliances or dry-cleaners…).
Stitchings are made with stronger threads and metal rivets or Leather tabs are Tear-Proof; WindStoppers are ultraLight and can be used as “under-jacket” when zipped all the way up, or as Spring outDoor fleece.
Almost all jackets are “cross-Season” with detachable liner and ultra-stretch lining.

All Products are Made in Italy

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