Salty dog

First was a foldable boat with wood frame, a big one, majestically built and Fully equipped for Expeditions. Second came a very Fast one (FSK), round Hull, rudder, 18” long: the start of many unwanted baths in the (pretty chilly) water of our northern Playground (which actually is an often choppy and beautiful Italian Lake). Third was a 2500 km. solo Trip to beautiful Scotland! Just coming down from Glencoe, where we did find our object of Desire: a pristine Greenland-style Kayak, the right one to start learning properly (yearning to become almost like our, “Happy” indeed, top of the top Coach).

So we also started testing Gear and Apparel, in cold (take it for granted…) and warmer Waters as well as Ashore. Then, with our usual careful approach, a very rigid Search for materials and their specifications, accessories, constructions was taken. And because to be Part of the Environment is our Dream, we’ve been choosing the “Posidonia Mediterranea” as favorite pattern for our Camo-green Jackets and Cover-all.

Skillfully assembled for us by a very small yet expert Diving Suit maker.

All products are Designed and Crafted in Italy