You wake up (early) in the morning feeling like you don’t really want to… Cold and wet already outside, You’d rather stay under tons of warm covers, BUT…! …But you’ve got buddies waiting to meet up and discover new tracks with their 2 or 4 strokes engines. Daily ingredients are going to be Hills & slopes, mud (lotta of), rocks (extremely sliding), trees (extremely hard to hit), panoramas, sometimes Wild Hogs (that you don’t wanna compete with).

Just get your basic (and sober) Apparel, fully taped, with no useless Extras, but the perfect three layers Cordura® 500 Light shell builted with our SolarLife™ ceramic membrane, WaterProof and breathable, which lightens up your fatigue. Specifications include Strong thread Stitches and Cordura® 1500 reinforcements with Kevlar® heat protectors, bulky Zippers (easy to use even with Gloves).

All products are Designed and Crafted in Italy