We work hard trying our best to make the right apparel for any Endurance activity we Love or we could aim to.
Other companies work hard as well, make great products, share similar vision, keep high quality standards and strong form consciousness.

That’s why we decided to spend some time with them and their products.



our friends in France make cool and strong travel bags, urban briefCases and Messenger bags with the most loyal leather and brass buckles, still producing the old way with french artisans. All Paris Made…



from England, they simply hand-build the best open-face Helmets (with a brand-new full face “Koura”) with a lot of style, great materials, leather detachable linings, perfect and beautiful details and accessories. Just choose your personal design (amongst the huge selection) to match your Engine or have them customized expressly for you. Then get out and have Fun (keeping your Head well protected)! Please contact us for all Infos.



pure american motocross roots. The best modern-shape equipment you want to have protecting your eyes when racing or just going off the common trail.
Best ventilation, great materials (consistent enough to properly place and move it on your Helmet and onto your eyes), magnific lenses.
They produce only models they like and whenever they feel they’re ready (so never try pushing them…).

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