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Function and aesthetic must endure and be long-lasting in time (pretty much like a bespoke tailored men’s blue suit or a classic Rolex wrist watch, traditional and modern at the same time…). At Biondo we do believe that clothes in general shouldn’t change every season (in that case you better go buy other brand’s cool and trendy stuff, sincerely), instead they should be worn and used through years almost like tools, in good or bad weather and must preserve and maintain their proper value each time you put them on.

That’s why our prices are not the cheapest on the market, but yet our garments are among the most valuable for their quality and manufacturing; the (italian) production mills that work for us are certainly more expensive than those outsourced in far-east or elsewhere, but they work (very) well.
We do not sell all over the place, but directly, through our workshop in Milano (Italy, again) and on-line, so we keep the “chain” shorter with very reasonable mark-up; in same cases we share the same Passions with cool special european Retailers with specific products.
Also, we do not make any kind of special sale at the end of the season (what are you talking about?) ‘cause we are not running after trends and, most of all, our major commitment is to respect our customer’s trust (and wallet).

Dirty jacket and gloves
Biondo materials

A little Story

In 2009, we designed and produced three pieces to join the (in)famous Endurance ‘Ride of Monferrato’ motorCycle rally (something like 1500 individual riders gathering on any sort of motorcycles and ready to jump up-and-down hills, going through thick and glorious mud, defying heavy rain and gaining a lot of fun…).

Then we developed a three layers Cordura® with a very special FIR Technology membrane dipping it in the official men’s color: a masculine, sober and elegant Deep Blue (pretty much far away from the rainbow-style motorcycle usual outFits…).

BIONDO ENDURANCE was then founded, defining and implementing the Apparel project, one for each different activity/section; partnership relations were started with leading Italian and  foreign companies, both for materials and manufacturing.


BIONDO ENDURANCE designs and produces apparel for sport, outdoor activities, light and heavy use, or just simple leisure. All products are either Technical or functional, to be simply and a casually worn, in both cases responding per quality and style to strict specifications.

BIONDO bases its production mainly in Italy, in order to have a constant, short based and direct quality control and to guarantee the best available results.

Fabrics and accessories are developed and collected from the best manufacturers we can find all over the world, from Italy to Scotland, England, Germany, Switzerland, Japan.


The ‘very rigid search’ brought us to the city new-frontier, Milano outskirts best known as the old (1) ‘Musocco’ neighbourHood. The old (2) Garage built during WW II belonged to the old (3) Hotel, with the old (4) cafe, still runned by the same old (5) family since… the best meals at the best price, by the way.

It is now our beloved WorkShop.

Here we design, develop and test new products, stock our garments, work on the WebSite, E-commerce and Socials, we make Photo-sessions and sometimes we have cool Buddies coming over for smooth parties and listening to Frank Sinatra (only when we behave…), things that makes us very happy.

We’re very proud of its walls and its big windows.

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