BiondoEndurance HeavyDuty GLT_008 Utility Vest Cotton Khaki Front


HeavyDuty Utility Vest

SKU: GLT 008 006 330
GLT_008 Khaki

Heavy-Duty SAS Utility Vest

-HeavyDuty Utility Vest
-100% Heavy Cotton Twill, double Layer (lining)
-Flap Front pockets with Mil-OverSized two-tones Buttons
-Inner chest zippered and buttoned pockets
-Adjustable Hem Drawstring
-Two-tones Black eco metal Zipper, “glove” puller equipped

-“COMBO” > Set GLT_008 Utility Vest + CM_0001 Desert Army Khaki Shirt



Our Stupendous Human Specimen features are:
- Stature cms. 187
- Weight kg. 80
- He's wearing size XL

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Size chart in cms.

BiondoEndurance HeavyDuty CottonDrill GLT_008 Utility Vest SizeChart

HeavyDuty Utility Vest

Size S M L XL
Chest (total) 107 111 117 119
Shoulders 43 44,5 46 47,5
Back Length 60,5 62,5 64 65