BiondoEndurance HD-ToolsPouch PCH_001 Still


HD Tool Pouch & Recovery Belt

SKU: PCH 001 600 230
PCH_001 Silver Grey

Heavy-Duty Tool Pouch

-Heavy-Duty Mil-Spec two-way zippers (right-left handed) Tool Pouch
-2″ Six tons deployable high-visibility Recovery Belt  with reverse Reflexite®️ night
detection taping, Velcro-adjustable 
-Super-strong Diving Elastic cover retainers
-Double layer Caseback
-Climbing-spec 30 kN screwlock wide-gate clearance Carabiner
-Climbing-spec 18 kN (loop configuration) two clips relieving Buckle
-Parachuting-specs “V” & “D” rings attachments
-Front big Velcro overlapped closure with inner concealed pocket
-Super-strong Diving Elastic 4″ side Bands
-Extra 2″ flat PE ancillary Retaining Belt, Velcro-adjustable
-“BDO_” Reflexite®️ back Reflective-Shield for Night Detection

Two adjustable sizes > S – M / L – XL



Our Stupendous Human Specimen features are:
- Stature cms. 187
- Weight kg. 80
- He's wearing size XL

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Size chart in cms.

BiondoEndurance HD-Tools Pouch PCH_001 Tech

HD Tool Pouch & Recovery Belt

size S - M   L - XL  
Recovery Belt Length (total) 147   172  
Pouch Total Length (including Velcro Flaps)  108   118  
Velcro Security Belt Length (total) 134   143  
Elastic 4" side Bands                                                          8         12