“Ability to withstand Hardship or last despite Adverse conditions”

‘Biondo’ designs and produces Garments that are Basic, Classic and Essential, with no gimmicks, no frills, neither bogus features.
Various sections for various purposes: some very specific like ‘Enduro’ jackets for technical and rude motorcycling, some other for the great OutDoor or for a more comfortable (and Sporty) attitude to your daily working needs.

Our clothes are designed, tested and then manufactured in Italy, built to last over time as much as possible, for their superior quality (details and accessories included) and timeless style; these are some of the reasons why we stay very close to the Makers who work for us. We deeply care for our products, placing any effort to produce genuine and honest men’s Stuff and Gear, no more no less, that’s it.

Sections and activities apparel

biondo endurance enduro bmw motorcycle jacket offroad mud
"FUN and the MUD"

UltraLight Technical Off-road motorcycling Equipment; 100% three Layers Cordura® by Invista with Ceramic Membrane and Kevlar patches

biondo endurance enduro motorcycle jacket africa desert children
"Go Touring!"

Touring and Adventure motorcycling Apparel, Light-Enduro Jackets and All-round Vests, equipped w/CE aproved Impact-reactive protections and WaterProof accessories

biondo endurance cotton khaki sport waterproof parka blue trousers snow mountains

OverCoats, Parkas and Blousons for Cold climates; Proof to Wind and Water, fully Taped with Warm detachable Liners

biondo endurance heavyduty black cordura luggage
"Tough & Basic"

Daily and essential Workwear in Heavy cotton, Moleskin or stiff canvas; rugged HorseHide Jackets for OutDoor Labors and intense Tasks

biondo endurance emergency sea kayak waves rocks safety helmet semi dry top
"All About the Sea"

WhiteWater, Big Seas, OffShore and Kayaks apparel. Three-Layers Nylon mimetic Jackets and Emergency Cover-All with Reflective taping and Hi-Visibility attachements

salty dog


biondo endurance Doctor Motorcycle 1930


February_2019_IV Few samples of how to properly move on Planet Earth in Style, simplicity and (as far as we now) a good efficiency for the Times: “Community” Doctors (Medici Condotti) always on Duty under any Weather condition, with ordinance moustaches and pristine Medical gown, ‘Double-breasted Coat-Hat&gloves-Cigar’ fully equipped War Statesman (with the best basic 4-wheels-Drive

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