Biondo Endurance


“Ability to withstand Hardship or last despite Adverse conditions”

We design and Produce garments that are basic, classic and essential, with no gimmicks, no frills, neither bogus features.
Various sections for various purposes: some very specific like ‘Enduro’ jackets for technical and rude motorcycling, some daily wearable for the great OutDoor or for a more comfortable (and Sporty) attitude to your working needs.

Our clothes are built last over time as much as possible, starting from their style and superior quality, to the smallest detail; this is one of the reasons why we stay very close to the people who cut and sew them. We deeply care for our products.

We want to make genuine and honest men’s stuff and gear, no more no less, that’s it.

Sections and activities apparel


"FUN and the MUD"


"Go Touring!"




"Tough & Basic"